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Traditional Kitchen Cabinets: What You Need to Know

The smell of apple pie or bread in the air, bright colors, natural wood, and lots of fresh plants – that’s how you would describe a traditional kitchen. And traditional cabinets are the most important part of that kind of cozy kitchen. They are also known as American style cabinets. American cabinet manufacturers have traditionally built cabinets using a framed construction. There are many great ideas for how a country kitchen looks – it all depends on which one you choose. We have prepared some inspirations that you can use.

Traditional kitchen – what are the features of such an interior?

Traditional kitchen cabinets have becoming a trend again. This style refers to the old days and the equipment that appeared in houses and apartments a few years or a dozen years ago. A traditional kitchen is not only very comfortable and the real heart of the house – but it is also very functional. The style of a traditional kitchen also involves well-defined colors, materials, accessories, and spatial solutions, thanks to which one immediately recognizes the traditional character of the interior upon entering it. And while modern versions of country kitchens are more popular these days, they still retain the homey, homey feel.

What are popular colors for a traditional kitchen?

Traditional kitchen cabinets are usually associated with certain colors, which are characteristic of this style. The following colors can therefore be used:
  • White,
  • beige,
  • ecru,
  • ivory,
  • light gray,
  • blue,
  • dusty pink.
A kitchen of this type usually has a large window, which makes the interior even more spacious. That doesn’t mean you can forget about good, strong lighting though – that’s also a hallmark of a kitchen. Sometimes very traditional kitchens use a dark color palette. Is this a good orientation? In reality, it all depends on the whole project. If you combine dark colors with bright shades and add strong lighting to it, you can achieve an interesting result.

Traditional Kitchen Ideas – characteristic materials

Wood, in various forms, is absolutely essential in traditional interiors like a country kitchen. You can use both a natural material protected by a transparent varnish or a white painted wood, which gives a family and elegant look. Besides wood, what other materials appear in traditional kitchens? For example:
  • ceramic tiles,
  • decorative stone,
  • bricks or tiles resembling bricks,
  • interesting wallpapers.
The material you use depends on the project and your expectations for the interior. But you can combine each of the mentioned elements and achieve a fascinating effect.

Necessary accessories in a traditional kitchen

A traditional kitchen not only uses a classic base, specific to this style but also implements characteristic accessories. You can opt for small elements emphasizing the style, for example, the handles of the kitchen cabinets. Having enough space, you don’t have to limit yourself. You can add the following items to your country kitchen:
  • paintings,
  • decorative plates on the walls,
  • shelves with fresh herbs,
  • wooden decorations,
  • ceramic vessels.
Also, you can use fruit baskets for bread or fruit in your kitchen and put straw or bamboo placemats on the table. The possibilities are endless – it all depends on what you like the most.

A white country kitchen – a timeless classic

Do you think white kitchens are boring? Not if they are designed in a traditional style! In this case, there is no way for the interior to look average. Use white traditional kitchen cabinets with wooden countertops and accessories. Are you afraid that many people will use such a combination and want to be original? No problem! Choose wooden fronts and white countertops. This is an unusual solution used by a few homeowners – and it goes perfectly with the kitchen.

An old-fashioned gray kitchen

A gray kitchen is a pretty universal solution that gives you plenty of room to express yourself. This color goes with almost any style – Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, retro. In addition, gray is perfect for small interiors as well as for larger ones. But you need to be careful. While light gray can be used anywhere, the same cannot be said for shades such as graphite and charcoal. A kitchen can combine gray and white furniture with natural wood – this way everything looks excellent, although quite minimalist. To add a warmer feeling and a traditional atmosphere, you can use additional elements. Consider these:
  • soft satin curtains,
  • cotton tablecloths,
  • fresh herbs,
  • vases with flowers,
  • wallpapers with lace or floral motifs.

A dark traditional kitchen? It’s possible!

When we think of a traditional kitchen, we usually think of bright colors. It’s no wonder then that designs using black are so interesting – they are an exception among a plethora of similar ideas. Traditional kitchen decoration cannot use dark colors for the whole interior. You can add them in some elements and match them with wood and white. What is more, such a kitchen can combine black, wood, and pastel colors. But you need to have some interior decorating experience if you want to achieve the desired result. What are the black elements that usually appear in kitchens? Take a look at the list below:
  • work plans,
  • lamps,
  • wall tiles by counters,
  • kitchen appliances,
  • small decorations.
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