Kitchen Remodeling

The Most Useful Tips for Kitchen Design

If you have the need to install kitchen cabinets, then you most likely have a checklist of features that you want them to have. Whether it is ample storage space or a number of specific drawers and doors, you will have your own considerations for kitchen design. 

No matter how many things fit the bill for your criteria, there are basic tips on kitchen design that can dramatically impact what you achieve in your kitchen.

Tips for Kitchen Design

When you have properly planned kitchen design, you will be excited to start your kitchen cabinets project. You deserve to enjoy this activity because you have planned it in a very professional way. Be sure to read the tips below for kitchen design. Therefore, when you are working on the kitchen cabinet project, you will have better ideas than before.

Cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Since they set the tone at first glance, you might as well take care of their appearance to refine the atmosphere! Here are 5 budget kitchen cabinet makeover ideas.

Cabinet Refacing:

The refacing technique makes it possible to rejuvenate the cupboards, without touching the original boxes. When these are still in good condition, we simply replace the front of the drawers and doors. 

For example, you can trade in old-fashioned doors for a shaker-style white-plated polymer model. And now you get a brand new kitchen at a lower cost! From solid wood to high-gloss acrylic and thermoplastic, there are many options to exploit the potential of your existing cabinets and rejuvenate the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Cover with plywood:

No need to change everything to update your kitchen! By simply revamping some more worn boxes and leaving the other cabinets as they are, you can get renewed decor at a low price. 

In this kitchen, the designer decided to bring more personality to the decor by replacing the top panels with plywood made to measure by a cabinetmaker and by adding new wooden handles, also made to measure. 

RTA cabinets:

Ready-to-assemble cabinets can cost up to 50% less than custom-made ones from the same material. And if you’re a good handyman, you can save a little more by installing them yourself. In this small kitchen, we opted for cabinets bought in a big box store.

Add moldings:

To give a whole new relief to your kitchen, all you have to do is decorate the cabinet panels with the addition of simple moldings! For example, framing doors and drawers with straight shaker slats produce a stunning makeover that requires minimal skill. 

In addition, the top or bottom of the cabinets can be enhanced with cornices to give them more cachet and texture at little cost. Another option if you want to bring a more country look: add paneling. A little brushstroke and you’re done! There are several types of moldings made of various materials that will fit your budget.

Freshen up with paint:

Most cabinet makers often prefer to start entire kitchens over. But for the sake of ecology and economy, it is ingenious to be able to recover certain elements and bring them up to date by simple transformations. 

One of the easiest solutions to put into practice, painting can quickly breathe a breath of fresh air into a room without inflating expenses. This is the case here, where we have chosen to bet on a two-tone look by painting the upper cabinets in white, a shade that increases the luminosity, and those below in gray, a color that anchors the decor in the present and creates a link with the new backsplash. 

What paint to use? A water-based alkyd paint or chalk paint that adheres to all surfaces (even glossy ones, such as melamine). It is enough to lightly sand the panels beforehand.

Choose a designer-made kitchen cabinet

As you should know by now, there’s a wide array of kitchen cabinets that can be pulled together to create a functional kitchen. Whether you prefer every single cabinet to be in one color or a mix of colors, there are many options available. This article will help you determine three important factors when selecting the best RTA kitchen cabinets regarding quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Choosing an RTA cabinet could be a good decision since they carry modern and timeless designs. With cutting-edge technology, designers can create intricate craftsmanship. Many of the cabinets are durable, modular, and quite spacious too. So if you are looking for a new piece of kitchen furniture, then you should consider this option.

The doors, the door swing, and the drawers

Choosing kitchen cabinets can be challenging, but it’s worth it to create a functional and beautiful space for your loved ones. Once you’ve decided on kitchen cabinet door designs and finishes, you’re only halfway done. The door swing is another critical part of the kitchen design, one that makes other compromises possible and ensures that your cabinets will last for years.

Consider the heights of your countertops and sink

The main thing that you need to consider when you’re designing your upper kitchen cabinets is how they will fit with other elements of the kitchen. First, you’ll need to consider the location of your countertops and sink, because you may want to include filler pieces or even a raised bar between the sink and your countertops. You might also decide that the countertops extend out towards the seating area in order to maximize seating space and make the room feel more open and inviting.


In order to make sure that your custom cabinets will be exactly what you need, we highly recommend that you hire professionals. Not only will you get the best results, but you will be saving a lot of time and money. Of course, if you are dedicated and motivated, there is also room for personal and creative designs. All in all, there’s no simple answer to the question of how to design kitchen cabinets. Just follow these basic tips above and you will soon have a kitchen that looks like it was designed by a professional.