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Refacing or Replacing Kitchen Cabinets?


There have been times when we all got bored of our kitchens. Or our kitchens may no longer meet our needs.  If you have such feelings or thoughts, you can start by changing your kitchen cabinets. Because kitchen cabinets are the factor that determines almost the whole look of our kitchen. So how do renew kitchen cabinets? In pursuing a kitchen remodel, you’ll eventually come down to two options: cabinet replacement or refacing. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend much money on your kitchen renovation, the best option might be seen as refacing your cabinets. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to consider using this method of updating their kitchens because it means less expense and lower overhead. However, after a few years, the cost of refacing is comparable to the cost of replacing. Therefore in most cases we recommend cabinet replacement.


What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a remodeling technique that replaces the doors, drawers and sometimes the face frame of a cabinets. In other words, it is the renewal of existing kitchen cabinets without buying new kitchen cabinets.  People usually choose this option when kitchen cabinets are old or can no longer be used. We can say that it is cheaper than buying a new cabinet. However, it is possible to say that the refacing of kitchen cabinets, in general, cannot be used as long as expected.  Though it might sound appealing as an option for people who don’t want to replace their old cabinets, it is actually not effective if you want your cabinets to remain in good condition and improve the look of your kitchen. For these reasons, people should consider other options including buying new cabinets if they need to replace theirs.

Aside from lifespan, for some kitchens, refacing can be very difficult if the kitchen cabinets are very old. Therefore cabinet refacing comes with some risks. Therefore, cabinet replacement is a safer option.


What is Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet replacement means the complete renewal of kitchen cabinets. For this, first, the old cabinets are dismantled. After that, it is completed with the installation of your newly purchased cabinet. We can claim that it is a little more expensive when compared to refacing. But when you get a new cabinet, it gives you a lot of freedom. You can buy a new cabinet suitable for trends. You become the owner of a cabinet that represents your current tastes, replacing your old and boring kitchen cabinet. In addition, although the price is more expensive, the cabinet you replace has a much longer lifespan.


Which one makes more sense in terms of price-performance?

To answer this question, we need to pay attention to the definitions of both. The price is cheaper in refacing. For this reason, it is likely to attract the attention of some users. Coating materials are generally used in refacing kitchen cabinets. It is possible to say that such materials are not long-lasting. For this reason, the lifetime of the refacing cabinets is not very long. Users may have to deal with and maintain it again. It would be a mistake to say that the price-performance is high when it comes to cabinet refacing.

Cabinet replacement costs more than refacing but users prefer cabinets made of high-quality materials. Again, although the cost is higher, they can use much longer. Besides, they can choose a cabinet according to their taste. Even determining the location of the cabinets from scratch gives great freedom. For all these reasons, it is possible to say that the price performance is higher than replacing in refacing.


Which one has more options?

The answer to this question is cabinet replacement. It is not possible to change the location and layout of the kitchen cabinet you want to reface.  You can make limited changes in a restricted area. But if you prefer to replace, you can design everything from scratch and have your dream kitchen. Besides, there are many options available. You can follow new trends and replace your favorite cabinets with old ones. If you wish, you can have a traditional kitchen in wooden tones. Or you can have a stylish and cool kitchen in black tones. In short, replacing provides a much freer space than refacing. And it allows you to reflect your style in your kitchen.


Do you need a professional?

Any homeowner can easily assemble Cabinet Bazaar’s ready-to-assemble cabinets.  Just explore our cabinets and order the ones you like online.


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