Kitchen Cabinets

How to Measure Cabinets?

man measuring cabinets

You can buy your kitchen cabinets in many ways. And you can choose from many types of kitchen cabinets. You can choose according to your taste or needs. You can go to the store and get it, or you can order it online. But no matter what, there is something very important to do before you buy and install your kitchen cabinet. Measuring kitchen cabinets. You need to measure your kitchen cabinet to be exact and complete. Otherwise, you may have to return the kitchen cabinet you purchased. In order to avoid any problems in the assembly process, all measurements must be made completely and accurately. In this article, we will tell you how to measure cabinets.

What do you need before measuring?

There are certain materials you need before you start measuring. If you provide all these materials before you start, you can continue your process without any problems. So what are these materials?

  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Camera or phone
  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator

The landlord needs to be very careful while making the measurements. It is very important that the measurements are made twice. Even some fractions should not be rounded. It is necessary to pay attention to such matters in order to avoid wrong or missing measurements. We even recommend ensuring the accuracy of measuring instruments for homeowners.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Standard kitchen cabinets have certain dimensions. If you want to buy a standard size kitchen cabinet, you can choose your kitchen cabinet according to these dimensions. So what are these dimensions? The height of the standard cabinets are usually 34 1/2 inches, without countertop. The depth can be calculated as 24 inches, while standard width can be calculated as 12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 48 inches. The width can vary according to the user’s preference. These figures are standard figures. In other words, contrary to these measurements, there are kitchen cabinets in different sizes. These measurements may vary completely according to the taste and needs of the user. But as we mentioned before, if you are going to buy a standard kitchen cabinet, these will be the dimensions that will be given to you. That’s why they are the only standard sizes, other choices are possible.

How To Measure Kitchen Cabinets?

Now that we have explained what the standard measurements are, we can move on to explaining how to calculate the length and width of your kitchen cabinet yourself. The first thing you need to do when measuring the length of your kitchen cabinet is to determine the width. After doing this, you must determine the length. We do not recommend specifying the length first. After determining the length and width, we recommend that you determine the depth. Then you can determine the number of shelves and take the dimensions of your kitchen cabinet. In the rest of the article, we will tell you how to proceed step by step.

How to Measure Cabinets Step by Step?


In the first step, you need to roughly draw the kitchen cabinets in the dimensions you have imagined. Draw the kitchen cabinet you are considering with the measurements you took with a pencil. At this stage, try to transfer every detail of your kitchen to this sketch. Then review the image you drew. Carefully examine what you like and what you don’t like. This is a very important point in making your kitchen cabinet perfect. Because before you start everything, you will see the image in your head on paper. This will make it easier for you to make a decision.

Find the Measurement

At this stage, you need to take the measurements we mentioned above. First find the horizontal length. When calculating the length, you can find the length using a ruler carefully. It is important that you first determine the horizontal length. If you plan to install cabinets from scratch, you need to measure the entire kitchen. If you are going to renovate, the horizontal length of the cabinets will be sufficient. Then calculate the vertical length. Likewise, if you’re doing it from scratch, the floor-to-ceiling length will be required. Remember to include the length of all intermediate zones. Such as the length between the floor and the lower cabinet, or the length between the counter and the upper cabinet. If you have completed these measurements, you can proceed to the next step.

Measuring Pipes and Glasses

At this stage it is necessary to measure the length of pipes and glasses. Because the length of the pipes will be very important for kitchen utensils. You need to learn which kitchen utensils to put where. Because otherwise, your pipes may not be able to reach your kitchen utensils. And in this case, you will have miscalculated the installation of your kitchen cabinet. That’s why the length of the pipes is very important. The length of the windows also needs to be taken. Because the kitchen cabinet should not be in front of the windows. That’s why we need these two types of lengths. Again, these measurements need to be done very carefully. We recommend measuring at least twice.

Photographing and collection of documents

This is the final stage now. You have taken the size of your dream kitchen cabinet. You have completely taken the size of your kitchen. If you are going to work with a designer, we recommend that you take a picture of your kitchen at the last step. And you can collect all your documents and give it to your designer or the brand you will buy kitchen cabinets. With these documents and photos of your kitchen, you can have the most suitable kitchen cabinet for you.