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Simplistic Home Design With European Style Cabinets


Simplistic home designs are very popular these days, and European style cabinets are the key for that. These cabinets have a contemporary look with their frameless construction. In this blog we are going to share some ideas to create the best design for your kitchen. You can use these ideas and methods for a basic style that will make your European-style kitchen cabinets stand out. It doesn’t matter whether your style is more minimalist, classic or modern.

First, consider your European-style kitchen design

Consider the overall feel of your kitchen before you start adding other decorative elements to complete the design. European cabinets offer a little more contemporary look, but the color hues and finish you choose will also impact the overall look of your kitchen. Glossy black cabinets will make the area look sophisticated and mature, so your interior design should reflect this aesthetic.

Alternatively, if you have natural wood cabinetry with light stone countertops, you might consider adding a splash of vibrant color to the area to add extra interest. Start by taking a look at everything you’ve already accomplished in your kitchen, then keep improving it.

When Designing European Style Kitchen Cabinets, Keep Functionality First

What you don’t want to do is make your kitchen even more cluttered by buying more items. Instead, choose utilitarian and practical pieces that can also be used to make a statement in terms of style and personality. It is the detail that will make the impact that is remembered.

Consider using decorative containers or glass jars to store items such as wooden spoons or kitchen items that will be visible on your counter. In this way, you combine storage with elegance to create a decorative object that serves a purpose. Consider the products you want to showcase in your kitchen, then make sure the aesthetic complements your overall design scheme. Items that are too large or don’t complement your decor can be neatly stored in your European style cabinets to save space. Remember that clutter is not going to improve the look of your kitchen.

Remember to take care of your devices

Why not take advantage of the fact that your appliances are obviously eating up space in the kitchen? A black or stainless steel refrigerator or oven can make a significant difference in the look of your kitchen. There is a much wider color gamut with many devices these days. Coordinating the hardware in the space will help tie it all together and give the appearance of a unified design.

Small appliances, such as toasters and coffee makers, can also be appealing. Whether prominently displayed on your counters or displayed on open shelves on your kitchen island, kettles, toasters and stand mixers can all be used to decorate your kitchen. Stand mixers in a variety of colors, traditional style kettles and state-of-the-art toasters can all be used as decorative accents.

Material diversity

In order to create depth in your kitchen, a diversity of textures and hard surfaces should be used. You may have European style laminate cabinets with a classic ceramic backsplash and stone countertops. But all of these surfaces are tough and sleek. Layering softer fabrics can help disrupt the monotony of a look.

Decorate your stove with brightly colored cotton tea towels, bring fabric curtains for your windowsill, or lay a textured rug on the floor near your sink. Using a variety of material textures in your kitchen will provide the essential sense of balance you seek.

Plants are a great item that can help improve the flow of your kitchen. Flowers, plants and other forms of greenery all help create a subtle sense of the natural world in a place and can also help warm up cold, sterile kitchens. Adding pots of herbs in a sunny location will allow you to grow your own food ingredients. Hanging plants will provide aesthetic appeal.

Improve the look of your kitchen island

Bar stools have a significant influence on the look of your kitchen. Be sure to choose the right size and color for your kitchen to create the most dramatic impression possible. Make sure they complement each other colors and surfaces in your workspace. For example, if your European style cabinets have a wood finish, you might want to choose a matching tone when buying your stools for bring them all together in a cohesive look.

With white floors and countertops, this creates a simple, natural aesthetic that will transform your kitchen into a space that looks effortlessly stylish.

Pendant lighting is another approach to draw the visitor’s attention to the appearance of a kitchen island. A huge chandelier hanging above the island will provide you with crucial task lighting while making a dramatic visual impact on the room. Choosing a design that incorporates other aspects of the space, like a shimmering metallic finish that complements your cabinet hardware, is a good idea.

Don’t be afraid to use your visual imagination

It is not necessary for all your kitchen design pieces to be everyday products. You may bring certain items for cosmetic purposes only, such as works of art. Buy a selection of framed artwork to hang or display smaller pieces on any available shelf in your home. It’s a simple way to add a personal touch to your environment.

If you already have artwork on display in your home, it makes sense to continue in the kitchen as well. If you don’t have a lot of wall space available, consider a small framed piece that you can rest against your counter. Facilitate the transition to something new. when you want a change. It also adds a feeling of beauty and harmony to your kitchen design. Keep it next to your jar collection to create a wonderfully designed effect!

Shapes & Heights

To make your countertop aesthetically appealing, you should use a range of shapes and sizes to create a visually intriguing space for your decor. Using three identical jars lined up together would seem too flat. However, three pots of different sizes (one large for utensils, one small for tea or coffee, etc.) with a cutting board behind will appear more like a well-organized space.

Remember to stack various materials and heights. For example a large glass vase next to several other circular or octagonal pots to vary heights and shapes. Another great way to showcase a cookbook collection is to simply display a stack together in one place.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space available on your counters for decorative placements, use the space you do have by installing a unit next to the sink. You can decorate with a small bouquet of wildflowers. Or, you can place your soap in a pretty dish, and store your cleaning supplies safely under the sink in a suitable storage container.

Follow these tips to get rid of the clutter. The area you have will be nicely decorated, but you won’t lose any coins or utility in the process.

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