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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Cabinet Color


You may want to renovate your kitchen or design a new kitchen from scratch. The design of our kitchens, which is a big part of our lives, is very important to us. And we need to design it in the best way possible. The choice of color for our kitchen cabinets has a big impact on the appearance of the kitchen.  Choosing the right color for our kitchens may not be as easy as we think. The most popular choices for color are white cabinets and wooden ones. But you don’t have to choose among  them.  In this article, we will talk about 5 useful tricks you can use in choosing the color of kitchen cabinets.


Size of Kitchen

The size of your kitchen is one of the factors you should consider when choosing cabinet colors. If you do not choose the color considering the size of your kitchen, it is possible to make your kitchen look more small than it is. Let’s say your kitchen isn’t big enough. In this case, we recommend you to use bright colors, especially for your kitchen cabinets. For example, using white cabinets can make your kitchen look much larger and more useful than it is. But using a cabinet in black or pastel tones may make your kitchen look smaller.  If you have a larger kitchen, using dark tones will not be a problem. However, we recommend that you combine cabinets with dark tones with lighter color tables or kitchen utensils.


White Cabinets Reflect Light

How much light your kitchen receives is also a very important detail. People mostly want their kitchen to be bright. If your kitchen does not gets so much sun light, don’t worry.  Because with the right color selection, you have the chance to make your kitchen brighter. Choosing a white cabinet or a cabinet in light tones definitely help. Bright and white cabinets will reflect the light and make the whole room look brighter, which is great if you want to show off your chef skills on the cooking island.

If you are not a big fan of brightness or if your kitchen is already getting a lot of light,  you can use darker tones. If you choose wood tones, your kitchen will have a country vibe with the light of day. If you like this style, you can use wooden tones. Or you can build up a simple and minimalist kitchen by choosing colors like gray, navy  or black.


Your Kitchen Style

Your personal tastes have a very important place in the choice of kitchen cabinet color.  The color you choose will show your style. For this reason, you need to decide what kind of kitchen you want to sit in. White cabinet selection is among the most preferred ones. It shows a useful and spacious feature as it has bright tones. In addition, it is a classic option. It has a stylish and simple look. It is one of the most preferred colors by users.

You can have a traditional kitchen by choosing wooden tones for your cabinets.  If you want a cooler and more assertive kitchen, we recommend you choose black cabinetry.

Navy kitchen cabinets are quickly becoming one of the most requested colors in home renovations. The idea behind the trend is that a navy colored cabinet coupled with white appliances and walls make your kitchen look fresh, clean, and modern. Think of it as a new starting point to get organized and catch up on those dishes you’ve been wanting to tackle.

Create a clean look in your kitchen by using one color throughout. A bold color like blue or red can be used with white cabinets, while warmer colors like yellow or brown can be used to accent French oak cabinets. Accentuate the whole look with white kitchen appliances to create a seamless design.



The color of kitchen cabinets is a very important factor while choosing the right kitchen cabinets. While buying, you need to consider the cabinets that suits with the color of your kitchen walls.

So there is no doubt that the color of the walls is important while choosing the color of kitchen cabinets. While you can use the same color in a different shade on walls and cabinetry but that would make your space look like a box and may not be in tune with your tastes. The white cabinet can generally be suitable with many wall colors. So white is a safe choice.  If you want to choose another color, we recommend you to buy sample doors and see how compatible it looks with the color of the walls.


Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are something that you will not often consider when you remodel your kitchen. Most of us are just concerned with the cabinets and counters and appliances. However, it’s a good idea to choose the color of your kitchen utensils based on the color of your kitchen cabinets. It can have a big impact on your kitchen.

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